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  • PYUR Vitality Is A Premier Cellular Health Product

    Our citrus smoothie flavored, functional beverage has what your cells desperately need to perform. A synergistic blend of the most powerful cellular ingredients.

    Your cells respond fast to Vitality powered by our exclusive QDS Technology. Target your cells to perform at optimum levels and let your body do the rest.

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You Can Have All This and More With Great Cellular Health!

  • PYUR Vitality™ Works

    Supports healthy mitochondrial activity

  • Cellular Level Empowerment

    Supports a natural healthy cleaning process

  • Restoration, Repair and Rejuvenation

    Promotes healthy stem cell production

  • Natural Production

    Helps promote hormonal balance and homeostasis

  • Build a Healthy Long Life

    Support healthy telomere function.

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You are the Sum of Your Cells

Keep them healthy and you will stay healthy.

  • PYUR Vitality™ Supports:


    Cellular Energy

    Eye and Visual Health

    Ability to Focus

    Natural Wound Healing

    Natural Hair Health

    Cardiovascular Health

  • PYUR Vitality™ May Provide Healthy:

    Sleep Patterns

    Musculoskeletal Function

    Sexual Function

    Brain Function/Mental Clarity

    Hormonal Balance

    Joints, Skins, Nails

    Immune System

    Responses to Pain Generators

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Our ingredients are synergistically blended to provide optimum results.

Our chemists/formulators physically go to the fields to ensure plants and soils are healthy. Our ingredients are tested and researched to be of the highest efficacy. Pyur Life Labs is located in the USA and is FDA approved and compliant.

The raw materials once collected are then tested for purity. We retest the active compounds at a much higher standard once they reach the Lab. These are all critical steps to ensure your cellular health is attained at the elite level and you feel the effects of this monumental breakthrough in youth science.

Vitality is patent pending and is proprietary only to Pyur Life. Vitality is powered by QDS delivery system ensuring every cell is receiving all the active compounds and targeting specific sequences to occur.

What is in PYUR Vitality

Research in peer review journals state these benefits of each active ingredient.

  • Camellia Sinensis

    *Powerful antioxidant
    *May protect heart health
    *Promote healthy mitochondria
    *May help regulate blood sugars
    *Supports and may protect stem cells

  • Curcumin

    *Adaptogen (naturally helps the body adapt to stress)
    *Helps to naturally neutralize inflammation
    *Brain Support
    *Heart Support
    *Supports the cell’s natural detoxification process

  • CoQ10

    *May help protect cells in heart and brain
    *May help to stop Statin Induced Myopathy
    *May help with migraine issues
    *May support fertility
    *Promotes healthy lung function
    *Support healthy mitochondria
    *May help protect stem cells and telomeres
    *Supports healthy, vibrant, youthful skin

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

    *May improve reproductive health
    *Promotes healthy hormone balance
    *May help regulate moods
    *Promotes healthy body weight
    *Promotes healthy mitochondria
    *Supports memory health
    *Helps healthy cognitive function

  • Resveratrol

    *Telomere Support
    *Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular function
    *May help natural Nitric Oxide
    *Promotes healthy hormone balance
    *Promotes healthy blood lipids

  • Mucuna Puriens

    *Supports healthy nervous system function
    *Supports healthy brain function
    *Support natural hormone balance
    *Mitochrondrial Support
    *Healthy skin
    *May help reduce inflammation
    *May help with mood regulation
    *Supports healthy metabolism
    *Supports healthy energy levels

  • Quercetin

    *May help suppress inflammation
    *Supports normal immune function
    *Brain Support
    *Supports normal energy levels
    *Supports healthy blood pressure

  • Piperine

    *Supports normal nutrient absorption
    *Supports the cell’s natural detoxification process
    *Strong Antioxidant
    *Supports healthy liver function

  • PYUR Vitality

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is QDS?

    QDS stands for Quintessential Delivery System. QDS is used to activate and deliver the highest quality active ingredients exactly where they can be used by our cells.

  • What is PYUR Vitality?

    PYUR Vitality is an all-natural health product formulated to give us vitality and natural healing to our aging cells. It's a breakthrough in cellular science.

  • When is the best time to drink PYUR Vitality?

    Most drink PYUR Vitality first thing in the morning but anytime can benefit your cellular health. Drink the entire 2oz. bottle 1-2x per day. Shake well. You can refrigerate if you wish.

    *Please note: If you have blood sugar issues best to take with food.

  • Can I add Vitality to juice or other beverage?


  • Is there caffeine in PYUR Vitality?

    There is 1mg in PYUR Vitality. Coffee is approximately 95mg for 1 cup.

  • Are there any contraindications with my other medications?

    We have not found any contraindications, but we always recommend that you check with your Dr.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Two years. Expiration dates are on bottom of bottle.

  • How should I store PYUR Vitality?

    Do not store in direct sunlight or intense heat. You can refrigerate if you wish.

  • Is it safe to take every day?

    Yes. There are no harmful ingredients in PYUR Vitality.

  • Where is PYUR Vitality manufactured?

    In the USA at a FDA approved lab with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) practices.

  • What are the list of ingredients?

    Our ingredients can be found here.

  • Is PYUR Vitality sold in stores?

    PYUR Vitality is exclusively formulated by and for PYUR Life.

  • What age should you start using PYUR Vitality?

    18 years old.

  • Can I give PYUR Vitality to my pets?

    We formulated PYUR Vitality for human consumption. You can check with your veterinarian if you desire.

  • How does PYUR Vitality impact cellular health?

    Learn how by clicking here.

  • Are there long term benefits?

    Yes. As your cells continue to improve so does your health.

  • Is this an FDA approved product?

    The FDA does not approve any natural products. They only approve pharmaceutical drugs.

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