It changes the bond angle of H2O from 104.5° to 114.5° by utilising a patented technology. The bond angle of 114.5° is found in intracellular water molecules. If we can make this change to the water that we drink even before we consume it, hydration becomes more efficient.

MRET impact on your life

When our body is properly hydrated for an extended period of time, expect improvements to our overall health and wellness.


    Changing of the molecular bonding angle of H2O makes it 3-6 times easier for our body to absorb.

  • Improved Metabolism

    Heightened intracellular functions means that our body can detox, regenerate, and recover faster.

  • Enhanced Morphology

    Creation of cells, especially red blood cells, happens at a more efficient and perfected manner.

  • Decreased Aging

    As cell regeneration rate increases, it is only natural that the process of aging becomes slower.

  • Increased Immunity

    Better transportation of nutrients with efficient extermination of wastes means a healthier body.

  • Healthier Skin

    Wrinkles disappear as skin cells regenerate faster, leading to more elastic and glowing skin.

  • Improved Detox

    Bodily waste products get carted away faster, leading to cleaner and more efficient internal systems.

  • Improved Vitality

    A harmonious body affords you deeper sleeps, clearer thinking, and higher energy levels.

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